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The oldest living city in the world – and yet continuously being inhabited is Varanasi also known as Benaras or Kashi is a city on the banks of the holy river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh state of North India .

According to hindu mythology varanasi was founded by Lord Shiva – the Ganges is said to be have its origins in the tresses of Lord Shiva . The city has always been a centre of learning and civilisation for over 3000 years .

With a number of things to do from visiting the quiet ghats , array of temples to witnessing the vibrancy of culture , devotion of its devotees , chanting of prayers, eternal history & the symbols of the rich and splendid era and so the list goes on has always attracted religious and non religious tourists from all over the world.

Ayurveda is also said to be originated in varanasi which is believed to be the basis of modern sciences . the city is very much associated with promotion of Spiritualism, Mysticism , Sanskrit , Yoga and Hindi language . Life in the cultural capital of india may feel a little strange at first but be assured to be blown away by this surreal city on the ganges .

Lastly even the great philosopher Mark Twain calls Varanasi even older than history , tradition and legends put together .

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